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Membership Pricing

(Includes basic labs and unlimited visits)

​*13-17 years old                                    $50/month

*With adult enrollment only. We are currently not accepting children under the age of 13

18-99 years old                                     $99/month


100 years and older                              $1/month

No Enrollment Fee!


Office Visits

Clinic visits, during regular hours and communications (email via portal and phone) are provided without any additional fees. Office visits outside regular hours can be arranged on an individual basis. In patient hospital services are not included in the membership packages at this moment.


Emergency Treatment

If you have a life-threatening or severe injury, call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.


Procedures performed in-office are covered by the annual membership fee + wholesale cost of supplies used (e.g., sutures). Pathology services for skin biopsies, pap smears, etc. are either billed to the appropriate insurance by the rendering pathologist / laboratory or provided on a discounted fee basis. 

X-Ray and Laboratory Services

If x-ray studies are required, facilities can be utilized that can bill your insurance directly or provide services for a discounted cash price (often less expensive than available using insurance). If desired, direct billing to your insurance company can be done by the lab or a discounted cash price outside of insurance can be arranged. If a different laboratory company is required by your insurance company in order to be covered, this can be accommodated. Contact us for a list of included labs. 

Health Forms and other Required Documentation

Most health forms ( physical exam forms, proof of annual physical exam, etc.) will be completed as a courtesy service for our members. 

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